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We're still hanging the show, so stay tuned for more info and credits.  You can find a complete art site at,
where there is an unusual collection of art similar to what we are collecting here.  We invite submissions from
artists for inclusion in this gallery, along with contact information, so we can help you promote and sell your work here.
Girlbutts' Art Gallery will be an odd collection of serious work and goofy original ideas...lighthearted, pop-culture stuff. 
It doesn't have to be all girlbutts here, just creative and interesting.  We created this page because we like art and our
friends who appreciate it in all of its forms, especially works featuring beautiful nude women.  For example, the woman on
the street below in the purple top and blue shorts  is not clothed, but body painted.  Art lives in many forms.


"The Birth of Venus" by Boticelli

"Brush Lady" by JP Lefauche


"The Birth of Venus" Alexandre Cabanel

"California Girl" Body Art

"Copenhagen Butt Sculpture"

"Copenhagen Butts"

"Party Body Art"

"Easter Bunnies"

"The Sleepers" Gustave Courbet

"The Source" Gustave Courbet

"Woman Combing Her Hair" Edgar Degas

Cute Girlbutt by Gil Elvgren

"Over Exposure" by Gil Elvgren

from the Elvgren nudes collection


"Evening Mood"

"Grand Odalisque" by Ingres

"Goddess Kring" by Adam Crockett

"Venus of Urbino" by Titian

"Venus At Her Mirror" Diego Velazquez

"Venus Asleep" Giorgione of Zorzi da Carstelfranco

"Women By Bath" by Bourguereau

"Francie the Model" by JP Lefauche

"Woman In Workshirt" by Mary McIntyre

Oil on canvas, $1000

"India" by Mary McIntyre

Oil on canvas, SOLD

"Reagan in Orange Chair" by Mary McIntyre

Oil on canvas, $1000

"Venus de Milo"

"The Nude Maja" by Francisco Goya

There is more excellent art at


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